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  • The student who checks out the book is responsible for the book even if it is lost or damaged by another person.
  • Books must be brought to the library to be renewed and/or repaired.
  • Kindergartners check out one book per week, returning them the following week. 
  • 1st graders check out 2 books per week, returning them the following week.
  • 2nd graders check out 3 books per week, returning them the following week.
  • 3rd graders check out 4 books per week.  Chapter books are due in 2 weeks, but may be rechecked out if they haven't finished reading the book.  All other books checked out are due back the following week.
  • Overdue notices will be printed and sent home when the books are overdue for at least 2 weeks.
  • Lost books will need to be paid for in order for the student to continue to check out books. Checks for lost books should be written to Oakhills School and given to the librarian. If a book has been overdue for over a month, a notice will be mailed to the student's residence.

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